Despite such convenience… TOTO Washlet is not spread to world wide, why??

Japanese have amazing luxurious and sanitary bathrooms. You can see the a lot of washlet when you come to Japan. These electric toilet seats spray water to cleanse one’s bottom or female area. 

 You still use toilet paper and flush it? Why washlets are not popular in the worlds? there is some reason. I’m gonna show you.

Water quality problem

It is extremely rare to find a country with water as clean as Japan when you look around the world. The use of highly contaminated water is a decisive disadvantage in installing a washlet . Tap water in some countries contains many impurities, so it is problematic to use it directly on the human body. Not being able to use clean water as in Japan has the danger of illness

outlet problem

In Japan, where it is popular to have a separate toilet room and bathroom. it is no surprise the bathroom has an outlet. However, Unit baths are popular in Western Europe. Lacks the idea of ​​installing outlets near toilets there. Especially, electrical wiring is prohibited in bathrooms in the UK. So, it is hard to install washlet to the worlds.

Security issues

Due to the high risk of theft in unsecured areas, it seems that toilets with expensive washlet functions are difficult to spread in public toilets. In Italy etc, some toilets do not have toilet seats because toilets are sometimes removed by thief. In order to share expensive things in public closed rooms, there must be a safe environment that will not be broken or stolen.

Unless such problems are improved, washlet cannot be spread to the world.