Why the coffee at convenience stores is so popular in Japan?

In japan, coffee at convenience stores is quite popular. Since Seven Eleven started to sell coffee at convenience stores in 2013 , these coffee improve their shares. Surprisingly, 17billion cups of coffee at convenience store are drunk by Japanese now.

Why coffee at convenience stores is so popular??

The first reason is coffee at convenience store is freshly ground one. The technology of coffee machine improve and these are cheeper than ever. When we buy the coffee at convenience, the machine make coffee from beens soon. You know, The best timing of drinking coffee is grounded coffee freshly. Coffee tastes different depending on freshness because of oxidation proceeds. Beens are fresh more powder one when we storage them a long time.

You can order coffee easily

If you want to drink coffee at convenience, you can get it easily. In seven eleven, you can order it at casher. You get empty paper cup. Then put it in the coffee machine. In seven eleven, you don’t have to select ice or hot so on. The machine recognize the paper cup types and ground coffee automatically. Only you have to do is push the one button.