Which one should I buy from many types of Muji Aroma Diffusers??

There are many types of aroma diffuser from Muji. Maybe you can’t select which is the best. Me too…. Then, I decided after compared all type of Muji Diffuser. I’m going to show you what you should buy.

In relation of diffuser types, there are 4 types of what Ultrasonic, Nebulizing, Heat, and Evaporative diffusers.Most of  The Muji Aroma Diffuser is an ultrasonic diffuser. It means what needs water to diffuse the scent into our room.

To using water is big weakness of those Muji Aroma Diffusers because it cause of mold and need cleaning. Moreover, if you use it when the humid season… I can’t think lol. When  I lived in Japan, summer season has a lot of humid so I don’t want to use this type of aroma diffuser. Maybe you too…

Another Muji diffuser, but for a completely different use I recommend. That is Portable Aroma Diffuser, aroma can be enjoyed conveniently during trips and in places without electric sockets. It doesn’t require water to use and only drip oils so you can enjoy anywhere easily. 

If you wondering what kind of Muji diffuser, You should choose this one. You will not regret.