You should think Expected Value for your life

In our life, we expect a lot good things or not. We are in so complicated situation. So, you can’t know what happen in the future. The more we agree with the facts, the happier we will be and more rich …etc.

What should we do for our spend more good life?? Maybe, you think often think about that. There is a magical strategy and way of thinking of your success. That is thinking expected value.

Expected value is one of Random variable that is  anticipated value for an investment at some point in the future.

For example No.1, if you get head of coin you can get 200dollars and tails of coin you should pay 200dollars when we toss a coin. In that case, EV is plus minus 0.

Example 2, if you get head of coin you can get only 100dollars and tails of coin you should pay 200dollars. In that case, EV is minus 50 dollars.

You can understand what I say. Is that easy formula? Maybe your life will happen a lot of bad things randomly, that is natural. Good and bad things are two sides of same coin. Everyone in this universe face good time and bad time. Good things gives us experience and bad things gives us lesson which helps us in our future. We improve our life expected value. For the reason we experience and study a lot !!